What happens if I am Injured on a Construction Site?

construction site accidentConstruction site jobs pose a great risk with it being one of the most dangerous jobs. The greatest danger comes from falls, which can lead to broken bones or fractures. If you or someone you love was injured, you may wonder about the value of a settlement. Injuries where you need long-term care will have a better payout because it requires ongoing care.

Who’s Liable in a Construction Accident?

Filing a lawsuit depends on the circumstances. If the workers or supervisors didn’t follow protocol and it led to injuries, you may have a right to file a lawsuit. Rella & Associates can highlight the specifics after examining your case. Usually, you receive compensation for the following, which determines the value of your case:

• Medical expenses
• Lost wages

When a New York workers’ compensation lawyer looks at a case, they will determine whether this classifies as a workers’ compensation case or whether you could file a third-party lawsuit.

What to Do After a Construction Site Injury

Every workers’ compensation lawyer New York firm will advise that you seek immediate medical attention. You do this because it documents the case. It provides you with a written record of what happened immediately after and will make your fight for workers’ compensation much easier. If you even suspect a slight injury, you should have a doctor look at it right away because this can get more serious with time. People who don’t seek immediate medical care could have the other party argue that your injuries weren’t related to the construction accident.

Types of Claims Available

The type of claim that you could file depends on the circumstances. Workers’ compensation is the most common, and it comes into play when injured in the course of employment. Because of workers’ compensation laws, you usually can’t sue your employer unless they were negligent. You can file a third-party lawsuit when someone’s negligence causes an injury, however.

The Value of a Construction Site Injury Case

To determine the value of a case, you first have to look at the type of injury. Does it categorize as a workers’ compensation case or a personal claim? To estimate the value, NY workers compensation attorneys will look at the permanent damage done. You have a broad range of circumstances that can influence the value of a case.

Speak with a qualified workers’ compensation lawyer in New York. Rest assured that the other party will have a team of experienced lawyers, and you need to prepare for the worst. A case might have a high potential value, but if poorly represented, you might receive 30 percent of it. Don’t let this happen. Rella & Associates has a qualified team that understands how to represent you adequately in cases where you were injured on a construction site.

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