Truck Transportation Work Injuries

truck accidentThe truck and transportation industry is an essential industry in New York and the larger United States. Trucking has always been at the forefront of transportation of goods within the state and across borders. There are an estimated 3.6 million sales workers and truck drivers in New York. While this looks like a significant number, the trucking industry constitutes 2.3% of the entire New York workforce in contrast. Truck transportation work injuries are leading, whereby they constitute 18.4 % of the total fatalities that arise from the whole workforce. 18.4% fatalities for industry, with only 2.3% of the entire workforce are worrying. If you are a victim of truck work injuries seeking legal help to assist with the compensation process is crucial. Our workers comp lawyer in New York from the law office of Rella & Associates, are duly experienced in workers’ compensation claims, and they can offer you all the assistance required to file a competent case.

Contributing factors to the high truck work injuries and fatality rates

Truck work injuries can range from minor soft tissue injuries to fatal injuries. As mentioned previously, the trucking industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is top on the list regarding fatal injuries. The Bureau released a report in 2018 wherein the findings showed that in every 100,000 full-time truck workers, there were a total of 28 deaths. The question then often arises is; what are the contributing factors leading to such deaths and any other transportation work injuries?

Old drivers and lack of mandatory retirement age

Companies in New York and across the United States often consider retirees for truck driver positions. The motivation behind hiring retirees is the constant truck driver shortage, resulting in increased dangers on the road. However, your age as a truck driver does not matter when it comes to eligibility for compensation. Our workers comp attorney in New York can assist you in launching a successful workers’ compensation claim. Through the counsel of our New York workers comp lawyer, you will gain all the tips of demonstrating that the injuries sustained arose in and of the course of employment.

Long working hours

Among the most overworked drivers are those in the trucking industry. Along with the age factor mentioned earlier, such drivers often suffer fatigue, and some might even doze off while driving. Exhaustion is a great contributor to truck transportation work injuries that lead to severe or fatal injuries. Such an accident can end your career or push you out of work for some time. Our workers compensation lawyer in New York can help you explore all avenues of securing compensation and maximizing your benefits.

Dangerous roads

A significant cause for truck transportation work injuries is dangerous roads. Various factors contribute to dangerous roads: Loose chipping on the roads, lack of sufficient lighting to facilitate night travel, poorly designed roads, and absence of signage For example, loose chippings on the road can interfere with the truck wheels’ contact with the road leading to rollover accidents. Such accidents are often fatal, and where the driver survives, they get to nurse serious injuries. Through consultation with a competent workers compensation attorney New York, you can launch a successful claim compensation. The benefits can help you pay for your medical bills and indemnity benefits.

Disobedience to traffic laws

Every road user has the mandate to uphold traffic laws, but most users are prone to disobeying such laws. Even the most careful of truck drivers often encounter rogue road users who ignore traffic rules and regulations. If an accident arises from such an encounter leading to a truck transportation work injury, please contact our workers compensation attorney in New York for an analysis of your case.

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