Winter Work Construction Injuries In New York

winter work constructionWhile New York is known for many great things, it is also known for its cold and harsh winters. With snow, ice, and extremely cold temperatures, a New York winter can be unlike any across the United States. Yet despite the harsh conditions, construction projects carry on, with workers on the job day and night. Unfortunately, many of these workers may be seriously injured in accidents caused largely by the winter weather. If you are a construction worker who has been injured while on the job, discuss your accident with a construction accident attorney in the New York area at the law firm of Rella & Associates.

What Makes Winter Construction so Dangerous?

When working on a construction site during the winter, you must be aware of many potential dangers. Since snow and ice can accumulate on the ground as well as high above it, you must be aware of scaffolds, ladders, beams, and other areas that may be very slippery. Along with this, the cold temperatures and wind can combine to create perfect conditions for frostbite and hypothermia. Finally, various tools can freeze up and become difficult and dangerous to use, which could lead to a serious accident. If you have been injured while working on a cold construction site, meet with winter work injury attorneys in NY to see if you have grounds for workers’ compensation claim.

Your Responsibility in Staying Safe

While you are at work on your construction job, you as an employee are expected to take some responsibility for staying as safe as possible while doing your job. During the winter months, this includes wearing such things as insulated gloves and boots to keep your hands and feet warm and dry. Also, should you notice snow or ice built up on scaffolding or in other areas, you have a responsibility to let a supervisor know of the dangerous conditions. Finally, should you start to feel ill, you should stop working and make your supervisor aware of your condition. In many instances, workers who overexert themselves are at greater risk of suffering a heart attack.

Employer Responsibility

Just as you have a certain level of responsibility to stay safe on the job, your employer also has a duty to make their construction site as safe as possible during the winter months. This can include providing workers with protective gear needed for their jobs, inspecting the site regularly for ice and snow that may be creating dangerous conditions, and other duties. If you believe your employer was irresponsible and that their negligence led to you being injured, seek guidance from workers compensation attorneys in the Greater New York area.

Workers’ Compensation

If you are injured while doing your construction job, you should speak to NY workers compensation attorney about the process of filing a claim for these benefits. Since workers’ compensation can be awarded to you no matter who was at fault, so long as you were not under the influence at the time of your accident, make sure you are aware of how to get the benefits you deserve.

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