The New York City Employees' Retirement System (NYCERS) is the largest municipal public employee retirement system in the United States. Employees often need guidance and advice in navigating the various rules and regulations that are involved with agencies such as NYCERS. This is especially true when dealing with NYCERS, which is the basis for many potential retirees' ability to provide for themselves and their family. Our firm provides advice and legal services for employees applying for NYCERS, helping to make this important transition seamless.

Although NYCERS does offer disability retirement to its members, there is no guarantee of being approved. The application process can be quite cumbersome to one who is not familiar with the system. Our firm offers representation for employees who may be entitled to disability retirement benefits under NYCERS. Not only do we aid in the application for disability retirement benefits, but we also ensure that all relevant documents and evidence is submitted so that NYCERS can properly review the application for disability retirement benefits. There are various forms of disability retirement, and all have unique requirements and benefits. Performance-of-Duty Disability Retirement benefits (commonly known as Three-Quarters) is one of the more common forms of disability retirement benefits sought by Tier 3 members. Our firm offers representation in the application for Three-Quarters disability retirement, along with other various forms of disability retirement under NYCERS.