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Social Security Disability Lawyers

Being approved for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration is often a difficult and frustrating process. There are several appeals levels within the department, and the SSA tends to use all of them in most cases. Even those with an obvious and proven disability that already exists in the Blue Book as certified conditions will have to go through the appeals process to win an approval. This almost always takes an experienced NY Disability Rights Law Firm like Rella & Associates to present the claim in accordance with the requirements of the SSA.

Why You Should Retain Legal Counsel Before Filing

It is not a requirement for any claimant to have a lawyer before filing for benefits, but any information provided will become part of the official record that the government can use as a reason to deny a claim. It is important to remember that the claim is not necessarily one of being medically disabled, but more so that a disability prevents the claimant from performing substantive gainful employment. Claimants under age 50 are often denied benefits based on the SSA claim they can still perform other types of work.

What your NY Social Security Lawyers Can Do

Claimants who were working in sedentary positions may have more difficulty being awarded than those workers performing significant manual labor. Your attorney from Rella & Associates understands this denial tactic by the SSA, and they can craft the case with information that limits the government agency ability to use this reason for denial. It is actually an excuse in most cases even when the condition is indeed disabling because the SSA is attempting to drag the case out until the next budget allocation if not outright deny the claim. Having an attorney from the very beginning can often shorten this waiting period.

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Being prepared before the filing is always best when dealing with the Social Security Administration. If you are disabled call Rella & Associates Social Security lawyers in the Greater New York City Area for comprehensive representation from the beginning to the end.

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