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WTC Victims Fund Benefits

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The World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001 came with lasting effects. Dozens of children were left orphaned by the terrorist acts and scores more suffered permanent physical injuries as a result of the events. In addition to physical ailments, those who survived the attacks also live with health issues related to being caught in the middle of the devastation. Cancer, in particular, is on the rise as the victims of the World Trade Center attacks continue to receive medical diagnoses related to that fateful day.

There is help if you or a loved one are one of the many victims of the World Trade Center attacks. The WTC attorneys in NY at Rella & Associates want to help.

What is the WTC Fund?

The September 11th Victim Compensation Fund (“VCF”) was established after the attacks of 2001 to provide the victims with the necessary aid to begin moving forward after the devastation. The program is funded by the federal government, which means that certain requirements must be met before a person can receive compensation.

The Victim Compensation Fund is not solely restricted to those who directly suffered a physical injury on September 11, 2001. The fund also extends to the loved ones of the deceased as well as family members caring for victims who live with permanent health problems as a result of the attacks.

What is necessary to file a claim?

The victim can have a family member file a claim for VCF online. There must be clear evidence that connects the victim’s illness or death to the World Trade Center attacks regardless of who files the claim.

It is best to seek the services of attorneys in NY such as those at Rella & Associates when you need to file a claim for VCF compensation. A lawyer can help you better understand the necessary steps so that your application is processed in a more efficient manner. Call our offices today!

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