Who Pays for Emergency Room Visits after a Work Injury?

emergency room visitsWork injuries can cause more than just minor physical injuries. Some workplace injuries will remain far longer than most, and other accident victims will be disabled resulting from workplace injuries. NY workers’ compensation lawyers admit that some rules related to a work-related injury case can be complex and confusing for those who do not have a legal degree or firm understanding of the law.

Many employees who become injured during a workplace accidental event wonder who will pay for their emergency room visits and other bills.

What Happens if My Employer’s Medical Benefits Plan Doesn’t Include My ER Doctor?

This is a common point of confusion when dealing with the immediate aftermath of a serious workplace injury that required an emergency room visit. Many employer benefit plans have a list of panel doctors that are approved for payment if the employee seeks treatment there.

However, in emergency situations, there may not be time to wait for the slower process of getting in to see these doctors. Some benefit plans have stipulations with who the employee can be treated by for the first 90 days. After the initial 90-day time period is up, workers’ compensation may allow for payment of non-included doctors or other treatment providers.

There Are Generally Provisions for Emergency Related Treatment

A group of well-respected NY workers compensation attorneys advises injured workers to get treatment at a nearby emergency room if the injuries require immediate treatment.

Most of the healthcare and workers’ compensation plans will allow leeway when the incident involves serious injuries needing immediate care by emergency doctors. After the patient is stabilized, they can be transferred to an approved physician coded with the workers’ compensation board.

Who Is Responsible for Paying Medical Bills & Other Expenses Following a Job Site Injury?

Most states have active workers compensation plans that are there to provide injured workers with compensation for medical bills, drug costs, rehabilitation therapy, and other accident-related benefits. Usually, this is a no-fault type of system. Employees hurt on the job must file the proper workplace documentation forms on time to be eligible to collect these benefits.

If the injuries cause a long delay in getting back to work, the injured employee can usually collect indemnity (wage-replacement) benefits for the period they remain out of work due to their injury. Always discuss these pertinent circumstances with NYC area workers compensation lawyers to determine if this is applicable to your specific case.

Why Injured Workers Should Work with Their Employer’s HR Department

Most injured employees will find the workers compensation benefit process an easy thing to manage if they work with their employer during this time. Usually, an employer’s HR department will have specialists who can make this process go smoothly for the injured workers and/or their family members.

Dedicated NYC area workers compensation attorneys state that these insurance and other specialists are able to keep track of paperwork, doctors expenses and other important items while the employee is recovering from the incident.

Local groups of outstanding workers compensation lawyers in NYC area point out that most of these HR workers compensation plan specialists can be a valuable asset that can help streamline this often cumbersome process.

Where to Find Topnotch Workers Compensation Attorneys in NYC Area

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